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Thursday- Saturday

Dec. 4-6 7pm

Saturday Matinee 2pm

Adults $10 (Children $5)

Black Box Theatre

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Dates for Fall Madbro (BIBLE STUDY)

High School:

December 4th

All Secondary:

November 20th
December 11th







US-CS has now received joint accreditation through AdvancED and Christian Schools International






We exist to ignite a passion for Jesus in students through experiences in worship, academics, missions, leadership, and adventure.









    USCS opened its doors in 2006 as a University-Model® School, a relatively new model of schooling that understands the importance of coupling parental involvement with strong academics. According to a survey of 22,000 teachers, conducted by the Carnegie Foundation, 90% of those teachers cited a lack of parental support as a problem in today’s schools.

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    An overwhelming 100% described their students as “emotionally needy and starved for attention and affection.” At USCS, we address those needs by partnering with parents to not only educate, but also to guide students in the development of their character, values, and spiritual walk.The mission of USCS is to partner with parents to ignite a passion for Jesus in students through experiences in worship, academics, leadership, missions and adventure.

    The vision of University School of Colorado Springs is to develop students who live in obedience and service to the Lord, are valuable contributors to the formation of a Godly culture, and model strong family and educational values. By instilling these concepts through our five values—Worship, Academics, Missions, Leadership, Adventure—our hope is to send students out from USCS prepared for their future. If students graduate from our school with high academics, but lose their faith the first year in college or their job, we have failed.

    USCS is certified as a member of the National Association of University-Model® Schools and is accredited through Christian Schools International and AdvanceED.


    USCS is a Christian University-Model School for kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our commitment to students and parents is twofold.

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    Our first priority is to help young people grow in the Christian faith and live in that faith. To that end, USCS offers students the opportunity to explore God’s Word, actively pursue their faith, and minister to one another and the community.

    Our second priority is to help each of our students reach their full academic potentials.  Accordingly, we offer solid core courses within an intimate classroom setting where students learn not only about a subject, but also how to think critically, read comprehensively, and write well.  Each student leaving USCS is prepared to explore a further academic career, if so led.  Therefore, we have a responsibility to help each of our students to reach their full academic potential.

    In achieving these goals, we look to God’s guidance and wisdom so that USCS is a place that allows each individual student to grow spiritually, achieve academically and develop personally. It is always our prayer and ultimate goal that students view their time spent at USCS as a memorable and enriching experience.

    In order for USCS to accomplish these goals, we look to partner with our parents in the education of our students. This is done by the blending of a home education and traditional education environment. USCS teachers establish all course descriptions, objectives, lesson plans, and assessments. Teachers instruct students for two/three days of the school week, and parents are then given specific lesson plans and goals to accomplish at home on the other two/three days of the school week.

    Our unique structure is designed for those families in which parents take an active role in the oversight and implementation of their children’s education. The level of parental involvement progresses from being a co-teacher in the elementary years, to a guide for dependent study in junior high, to more of a course monitor in the senior high courses. By partnering with our parents, USCS is then able to integrate the home and school instruction effectively toward the common goal of Christian character development and solid academic preparation.


    While most schools have a student activity program which includes clubs, student council, and dances, USCS does not want to have programs for the sake of following “how it’s always been done.”  We want our student activities to be purposeful, meaningful, and enjoyed.

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    We look at each activity we’re considering and ask the question, “Why have this program?” More importantly, we ask, “Does it fit into our five core values?”  We care what our students like and don’t like.  If a program is not popular, then it may not be meeting a need–so we do not want to waste time and resources attempting to continue.

    USCS understands how important it is for students to be involved in furthering the kingdom of God. Our goal is to help our students grow in five distinct areas: Worship, Academics, Missions, Leadership, and Adventure. It is our hope to instill in students the value and importance of actively pursuing their faith and putting their love for Christ into action.

    Another aspect of USCS is an emphasis on ministering to the nations.  Not only do we strongly encourage and support students in their own short and long term mission opportunities, we may organize our own mission trips during the school year and over the summer which offer even more opportunities for students to use their gifts away from home.

    Additionally, USCS schedules regular chapels for secondary and elementary students. This gives students the opportunity to worship together and grow as a community of believers. It is our desire that the content and activities during chapel are relevant and challenging to our students, and that they serve to equip students for life outside the school.

    USCS also hosts several retreats throughout the year, which provide opportunities for students to not only grow in their faith, but also understand and appreciate the complexity of this world and our Creator.

  • 7th-12th Grade 

     The secondary program consists of grades 7 through 12. Secondary courses meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and offer a full course of study, which includes 50-minute class periods for the following subjects: literature, foreign language, social studies, science, fine arts, computer science, Biblical studies, math, adventure, and a host of electives.

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    Students are responsible for completing teacher-provided lessons and homework on Mondays/Friday. The parents’ role at the secondary level transitions from being a guide for dependent study at the junior high level to a course monitor at the senior high level. Students register for individual classes and may take as few or as many as they desire. However, students are encouraged to take a minimum of four core academic classes to meet the residency requirements for a diploma, ranking, cording, and transcript purposes.

    Each student who registers for courses at University School of Colorado Springs will have a transcript on file with the school, with a copy of this transcript made available to the student’s parents upon request. USCS will include approved parent courses of study on a student’s transcript if the student meets residency requirements. These transfer credits must be accompanied by the required form (provided by the school) before being accepted by USCS’s standards. These forms must be submitted by specified deadlines.

    University School of Colorado Springs is accountable only for the courses taught at USCS. Any course instruction received at other schools or through home education is the responsibility of the parent.

    Foundations program

    The USCS Foundations program has been developed with the goal of meeting the academic needs of students by providing options that accommodate a variety of learning styles. The Foundations program is designed to give high school students the option of taking foundational coursework in secondary academic subjects in a visual interactive environment, in lieu of the traditional classroom setting.  These courses will allow students to build a solid foundation as they obtain the critical knowledge and skills in core academic subjects.

    While some USCS Foundations courses will be offered in a classroom setting, many of these courses will be offered in an Online Learning Lab environment on campus utilizing Education Portal (www.education-portal.com), an online program using engaging, technology-based instruction, assessment, and monitoring.

    You can find out more information regarding the Foundations program here: K Foundation Program

    P Watch Information Meeting on the Foundation Courses 

  • Kindergarten-6th Grade

    The elementary program consists of a variety of options for parents that include a 1, 2, or 3 day option. Elementary classes meet in a classroom setting three times per week. Tuesday and Thursday classes focus on the core academics and offer a full course of study (language arts, math, social studies, science, Spanish, and fine arts).

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    Each lesson is between 45-90 minutes in length and is taught by the qualified teacher on the on-campus school days. Parents and students follow teacher-provided lesson plans for at-home school days. Students attending Tuesday/Thursday core classes have the option of also enrolling in the Wednesday interactive classes or working through the curriculum at-home with parents on that day. At the elementary level, the parents’ role at home is very involved and hands-on as the co-teacher.

    Wednesday consists of interactive classes and activities including math and language arts workshops, music, drama, science lab, STEM, art, and others. The math and language arts objectives for this day are based on the curriculum sequence from the other school days, thus students do not have additional academic lessons to complete at home on Wednesdays. Families have the option of attending only the Wednesday interactive, enrichment day in which they will also get the complete Renweb lesson plans for the week to work with their students at home, if desired.

  • ThKING’S Kidz Club!

    A club that helps your preschool-age student start strong in Kindergarten!  Come join us two mornings a week for fun, educational experiences that your preschool-age child will love!

    More Info About Kings Kids and Downloads


    What: It’s a club that will be a FUN and EDUCATIONAL (including development in social skills, hands-on art projects, singing, and so much more)!

    When: The King’s Kidz meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

    Who: Children ages 3 years to 4.5 years. (Children must be completely potty trained.)

    Where: University School of Colorado Springs Campus

    2713 W. Cucharras Street, Colorado Springs, Co 80904

    Cost: $100.00 Registration Fee

    $900.00 year

    Payment Plans:

    Monthly – $90.00 per month (August – May)

    Download Application Packet: King’s Kidz Registration Packet

    Download Curriculum List:  King’s Kidz Curriculum

    Download “Getting to Know Me”: Getting to Know Me

    Download Welcome Letter from Ms. Cheney: Welcome Letter

    Contact Jamie Cheney for more information.

  • ZION 2013


Meet the Team


Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper



Jeff received a computer science degree from Carson-Newman College and later received his Masters of Divinity from Golden Gate Theological Seminary. Jeff served as the youth pastor at Pacific Church of Irvine for eight years. Jeff taught higher level mathematics and functioned as the Director of Student Life and Ministries in Southern California. Jeff has been the Principal of USCS since 2007.

Ryan Hewitt

Ryan Hewitt

Vice Principal


Ryan has received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil Engineering from Tennessee Tech University, as well as a Colorado teaching license and M.S. degree in Curriculum and Instruction from UCCS . He and his wife have lived in Sierra Leone, where Ryan mentored and tutored former child soldiers and street children. He has also worked at CSEC, where he served as the Math Department Chair, Summer Program Director, and Response to Intervention (RtI) coordinator. Ryan has been the Vice Principal at USCS since 2012.
Lessie Cooper

Lessie Cooper

Assistant Administrator


Lessie received a History/Political Science degree from Vanguard University of Southern California and immediately began teaching secondary English and History courses in California and at USCS until the Fall of 2012, when she began an administrative position. She has been married to Jeff Cooper since December 2005 and they are now enjoying their first child, Charis Hope. Lessie has been involved at USCS since 2006.


  • values and images
  • values and images
  • values and images
  • values and images

  • Worship-Icon-TinyFirst and foremost, USCS desires to partner with parents to develop students who passionately worship God with their lives. In an effort to do this, we offer several opportunities:

    1. Elementary and Secondary Chapels
    2. Jr. High and High School Home Bible Studies
    3. Jr. High and High School Retreats


    Our chapel exists to encourage, challenge, and build up our student body spiritually. Chapel speakers range from US-CS staff and students to guest speakers from different churches and ministries.


    We, as a school, take a weekend to worship Christ, dig into the word, and pray for one another. We have at least two retreats every year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. We use this time to align our hearts and desires with the gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage one another with His word.

    Latest Retreat

    Genesis Retreat 2013

  • ACADEMICS-Icon-TinyThe University Model is a unique blend of traditional private education and home education. Through USCS, parents will remain deeply involved in their child’s day-to-day development while providing an excellent education. Our goal at USCS is to provide the best possible foundation for our students in order to equip them for higher education and life beyond. We strive to create intimate classroom settings where students learn not only about a subject, but also how to think critically, read comprehensively, and write well.
    We analyze a variety of academic standards, including Colorado, Common Core, and other independent standards, to be sure we are meeting or exceeding those standards. As we find benchmarks that would enhance what we are doing, we strive to make adjustments that will benefit our students and better prepare them. We will never compromise content or what we think is important for our students to know. As a private school, we are not obligated to any particular state or national standards nor their ties to federal funding.


    The average class size at USCS is between 8 and 15 students, allowing for personal attention from the teacher to students and parents. With small classes, teachers are able to keep a better pulse on all students’ progress and partner with parents’ to help meet students’ individual needs.


    USCS’s Drama Department includes a 7th-12th Drama class as well as an after-school enrichment program for grades K through 12. Students are introduced to the theater through games and exercises that increase confidence, speaking ability, physical dexterity, and the fine art of quick thinking! Our drama department produces at least two full-scale stage plays per year, having completed performances of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Christmas Carol, Flowers for Algernon, The Jungle Book, and many more. The department’s mission is to glorify God by developing character through the medium of drama, and using God-given gifts and talents for the purpose of challenging others to seek Christ. We also offer a popular summer theater arts program, “Camp Shakespeare”, for 7th-12th grade students. For more information on any of these programs, contact our drama director, Nancy Holaday.

    E-mail the director


    USCS provides art classes for all elementary students as well as a 7th-12th grade art class. These classes focus on improving/developing general art skills including painting, collage, abstract and optical illusion, clay/ceramics, paper techniques (origami, structural concepts). These courses aim is to promote creative thinking as well as gain first-hand experience in artistic technique.


    Science Lab: The secondary building is outfitted with a science lab equipped for dissections, chemical experiments, and lectures. The lab has been updated with an eye washing station, numerous microscopes and other instruments to provide the best laboratory experience for students.

    Mac Lab: The secondary computer lab is fully equipped with Mac computers, allowing students to research and complete assignments. The Mac lab also facilitates computer programming and yearbook design classes.

  • MISSIONS-Icon-TinyUSCS believes that as students encounter Jesus, then a heart for the world and missions will be a result. It is our desire to provide opportunities for all students and their families to experience God’s world and share His love in a variety of ways, both locally and abroad. We desire to raise awareness of the great need for Jesus’ love throughout the community and world, then have students engage their hearts and hands in response to God’s calling. This includes monthly missions partners, local service projects, and overseas opportunities. We are currently pursuing long-term school partnerships as well.

    Give To Missions Fund


    USCS seeks to be a light in our community and reach out with the love of Christ through service and outreach. Some of these initiatives include partnering with the Springs Rescue Mission for monthly service dates, hosting donation drives for Life Network, and serving at the Operation Christmas Child regional center in Denver.

    We are currently preparing to take a group of students to Guatemala this Spring. March 23rd-29th.


    USCS chooses an organization each month to support through raising funds and awareness. Past missions’ focuses have included EMI, Life Network, Compassion International, KIVA, Cystic Fibrosis foundation, Blood:Water Mission, and Operation Christmas Child.


    Secondary students can take a class focused on Missions, which explores God’s calling for all Christians to “Go and make disciples” not only overseas, but in our every day lives. The class takes a leadership role in the monthly missions focus and service opportunities.
  • LEADERSHIP-Icon-TinyThrough service projects within USCS and the Colorado community, this school desires to create strong leaders in our upcoming generation. We are continuing to develop this program by teaching leadership through serving others in local communities and abroad. The future development of our Leadership program includes local and foreign missions, business, logic and debate, and other experiential learning opportunities.


    We’ve applied Leadership to all of our core values. We want academic leaders guiding the classroom in the pursuit of knowledge, missional leaders spreading the gospel, but most of all, we want worshipful leaders who lead by serving others and pointing them to glory of Christ.  
  • ADVENTURE-Icon-TinyThe Adventure program is designed to teach students multiple outdoor disciplines and leadership skills that can be carried throughout life. Along with classroom lectures, students spend ample time outdoors putting their skills to practice–both locally and out of state. “Wilderness” can be translated in Hebrew as “the place where God speaks”, which is very evident.  During Adventure trips, we strengthen students spiritually through evening Bible studies and worship.  Many parallels can be made between outdoor activities and our walk with Christ, which makes the wilderness an amazing classroom for spiritual growth. The USCS campus is equipped with several outdoor rappelling stations, a 100ft zip line, a climbing wall up the main stairway, as well as a hallway full of climbing holds used for team building, bouldering practice, and much more. With almost 50% of the student body participating in Adventure classes, this program continues to be a unique aspect of USCS that very few schools can match.



    Now in our 6th year, Venture off gives students the ability to see and travel to places they may normally never get to experience. Located in the heart of the Rockies, our students will experience God’s amazing creation with soaring 14,000 foot peaks, pristine alpine lakes, swirling sandstone canyons, and vast night skies. Students will also have the opportunity to gain valuable leadership and outdoor training, as well as developing strong Christian character. As students live and interact in an outdoor setting, they will constantly be faced with multiple challenges that stretch and grow their confidence and abilities. The Heavens really do proclaim the work of God and we want our students to see that first hand. For more information – Visit the Venture Off website


    Designed to teach students a multiple of outdoor disciplines as well as leadership skills that can be carried throughout life. Not only do students have class room lectures, they will also spend ample time outdoors putting their skills to practice. With almost 50% of the student body participating in one of our 4 classes as well as opportunities for elementary students, the Adventure Program at USCS continues to be a unique aspect of attending USCS that very few schools can match.

    Classes we offer:
    7th – 8th Grade Intro to Adventure
    Adventure 1
    Adventure II
    Intern Program
    Elementary After School Program

    Video: Canyoneering Trip


    At USCS we take several Family trips through the year as well. From Skiing to 14ers, to Zion national Park. Each trip is opened to families who want to experience God’s amazing country together. Past trips have included:
    Mount Rushmore
    Zion National Park
    Monarch Ski Area
    Moab, UT

    Video: Zion 2013





Our Contact

, 2713 W. Cucharras Colorado Springs 80904

O (719) 302-3751

d (719) 377-3903

@ info@usofcs.org

Your Contact

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V Employment




Enrollment for Fall 2014 now closed, as we have reached capacity!
We would love to have your student join us as seats become available.
Please fill out the following form to be put on our waitlist.


  • Follow the application steps below.

    9 Easy Steps

    1: Attend an information meeting or contact us directly. If you’d like, you can schedule a school tour, and/or a time for your child to shadow one or more class periods.

    2: Review the materials made available to you directly or via the website. Contact us if you have additional questions, and pray.

    3: Fill out and submit an application.

    4: Schedule an in-person or phone meeting with an administrator.

    5: Once your application is approved, you’ll receive your enrollment documents.

    6: After you have completed and signed your enrollment documents, you will be contacted to schedule any necessary placement testing.

    7: Secondary students: make class selections. All students: order curriculum.

    8: Pay registration fees ($225 per student per year) and set up your tuition payments.

    9: At this point, your child(ren) will be fully enrolled and added to class rosters. You will receive instructions for accessing our online system, RenWeb, for lesson plans and homework.

    Enrollment Contacts

    Application and Enrollment contact

    Courtenay Sobral (email (preferred): csobral@usofcs.org; 719.313.7099)

    Placement questions and class selections: 

    Lessie Cooper (email: lcooper@usofcs.org; 719.302.3751 ext. 5)

  • 1.  If you have not done so, please watch the Re-Enrollment video that took place February 17th.

    2.  Fill out the Re-Enrollment form online

  • Textbook information: Students are responsible for purchasing all textbook materials required for each class. USCS will make every effort to supply an exhaustive list of textbooks but reserves the right to add materials as necessary throughout the school year. If a class must be cancelled, USCS is not financially responsible for materials purchased for the class. In order not to infringe upon copyright laws, copying textbook pages should be limited and done only after the text has been ordered.


  • 2014-2015 Tuition Price

    Registration: $225 per student per year

    King’s Kidz (Pre-K) Yearly Tuition: $930

    Kindergarten Yearly Tuition:

    • 2 day Full Day (Tuesday/Thursday) – $2250
    • 2 day Early Release (Tuesday/Thursday) – $1600
    • 3 day Full Day  (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) – $3300
    • 3 day  Early Release (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) – $2250


    Elementary (1st-6th) Yearly Tuition:

    •  1 day (Wednesday) – $1600
    • 2 day (Tuesday/Thursday) – $2850
    • 3 day (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) – $4000


    Full-Time Secondary (7th – 12th) Yearly Tuition: $4,650

    Part-Time Secondary (7th – 12th) Yearly Tuition: $775 per class

    Tuition does not include curricula/textbooks. Parents are responsible for ordering and purchasing their own materials each year.

    Installment Plans

    Annual Installment Plan: To be paid in full by August 1st. If a student withdraws from USCS, there will be no tuition refund.

    Semi-Annual Installment Plan: To be paid in 2 installments. First installment to be paid by August 1st and balance due on January 1st. It is payable by check or cash. More information is available on our website under FACTS. If a student withdraws from USCS, there will be no tuition refund.

    Ten Month Installment Plan: To be paid in 10 equal installments from August through May. USCS requires that all monthly plans be managed through the FACTS Tuition Management Program. The draw will be made on the 5th of every month. The annual enrollment fee is $41 per family and will be deducted from your account prior to the first tuition payment. There is a $20 late fee if funds are not available when the attempt is made for withdrawal. A second attempt is made on the 20th of the month. More information is available on our website under FACTS. If a student withdraws from USCS, there will be no tuition refund.

    Twelve Month Installment Plan: To be paid in 12 equal installments from August through July. USCS requires that all monthly plans be managed through the FACTS Tuition Management Program. The draw will be made on the 5th of every month. The annual enrollment fee is $41 per family and will be deducted from your account prior to the first tuition payment. There is a $20 late fee if funds are not available when the attempt is made for withdrawal. A second attempt is made on the 20th of the month.  


    Please understand that you must be a full time student (6 or more secondary classes or 2 full elementary days) in order to take advantage of ANY discount. Multi-student yearly discount: 2nd child – $250.00 off 3rd child – $500.00 off 4th child – $750.00 off
    Advance Payment Discount (for full-time students only): 3% discount for paying a semester at a time 6% discount for paying for both semesters at once
  • FACTS Tuition Management Information
    To Sign-up as a parent: ENROLL HERE 
    Need some help? FACTS HELP
    FACTS is a payment plan provider and tuition manager most widely used by private, faith-based, and public schools nationwide. Since 1986, FACTS has grown to serve more than 5,000 schools and have processed payments for more than two million families.

    More about FACTS

    FACTS help families like yours meet their financial obligations in a simple, convenient way that is completely confidential and secure. Because it is not a loan program, FACTS does not assess any interest or finance charges, and there is no credit check.
    Schools using FACTS tell us that our service provides a better way for them to more efficiently manage the fee collection process while offering convenience to their families.
    In addition to collecting payments, we provide the schools with a variety of financial and management reports. We also help schools control their costs so that future fee increases are kept at the lowest possible level. This enables schools to focus on the quality of education all students receive.
  • The Elaine Van de Water Scholarship Fund:


    Every student who receives financial aid from USCS will need to adhere to the following requirements:

    • 1.  Must be enrolled as a full-time student (minimum of six or more  academic classes or two days in Elementary)
    • 2.  Must maintain a 2.5 or higher overall GPA
    • 3.  Must demonstrate a willingness to attend and help at USCS and a maintain a positive attitude and behavior
    • 4.  Parents must stay current with their portion of tuition (USCS does not provide full scholarships)
    • 5.  Scholarships are granted or denied at the sole discretion of USCS and we will not disclose reasons for denying funding


    Families requesting financial aid must submit an application each year.Only families who have been officially accepted to USCS will be eligible to apply for aid.  Any application that is received before official acceptance will be ignored.USCS partners with an assessment company, FACTS. FACTS receives the application, processes the information, and gives USCS a recommendation for a percentage to discount a family’s tuition. FACTS is not a granting organization.FACTS charges a $25 fee for the assessment and requires completed  tax returns. Once a financial aid application is received it MUST be completed and submitted with all required documents within seven days.  Any applications received after the 7-day period will not be considered for aid.

    How to Apply

    1. Apply to USCS and wait for acceptance (see “Enrollment” tab)
    2. Once accepted download the scholarship application.
    3. Fill out the FACTS financial assessment form
    4. Return all paper work to USCS